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About Growth Pursuit Consulting

Growth Pursuit Consulting is a Melbourne based psychology practice offering clinical psychology consultation, clinical supervision and workplace wellness services.  We are located on St Kilda Rd, Melbourne with easy access to public transport and car parking.

Clinical Psychology consultations are offered either face to face in our Melbourne practice or via telehealth. We pride ourselves on being a client centred service and offering evidence-based therapy interventions, working with clients to support recovery from eating disorders, stress and anxiety, to build healthy self-esteem and body image and to support antenatal or post-natal mental health.

Clinical Supervision is offered by a Board Approved Supervisor for professional development purposes and clinical endorsement.  We are currently able to offer primary supervision for the Clinical Registrar Program and supervision to support the ANZAED Credential either via face to face or online sessions.

Leadership and development support, as well as workplace webinars and workshops are available to assist workplaces to support mental health and wellbeing of employees.  We also offer services to support building effective, positive and productive teams.

Our Services

Growth Pursuit Consulting is a Melbourne based practice offering clinical psychology consultation, clinical supervision and workplace wellness services. 


Clinical Psychology Consultations

Clinical Psychology consultations are available either face to face or via telehealth. We offer evidence based therapy interventions to help you meet your wellness goals. 


Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision consultations are offered to mental health professionals, organisations and to psychologists looking to meet AHPRA requirements or clinical endorsement while furthering their professional growth.


Organisational Support and Professional Development

Leadership and development support, and mental health consultancy is available to assist workplaces to develop effective mental health and wellness plans, and to build effective, positive and productive teams.  We are able to support your team with professional development sessions and webinars to support wellbeing in the workplace.

Psycho metric profiling using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Index (HBDI®) is an option for individuals and teams who wish to gain insight into how they think, why they value certain information over others and how they communicate. 

Clinical Psychology

Growth Pursuit Consulting offers evidence-based clinical psychology consultations.

We offer face to face psychology sessions in our St Kilda Rd practice, and also offer telehealth appointments. 

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Clinical Supervision

Engaging in regular clinical supervision is best practice for psychologists and mental health practitioners.  It is an essential part of reflective practice, professional growth and continuing professional development.

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The Compassionate Parent App

Developed by a Clinical Psychologist, The Compassionate Parent App offers strategies in managing emotions and thoughts to help individuals and couples mentally and emotionally in their parenting journey.

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